James Rudd at Dapper Fox In Bury St Edmunds - customer service for tailoring

Customer Service: The Dapper Fox Way

James Rudd at Dapper Fox In Bury St Edmunds - customer service for tailoring
Our focus on customer service can seem very different to what you may experience at other stores. I thought I would take a second to try and explain what we do at Dapper Fox that makes us so special. I suppose it's best described by telling you what I am doing as I write this article....
 I'm currently sitting on a train to Leeds having changed at Peterborough station. The train is busy but I have managed to sit next to the only American in England that doesn't like to talk. Luckily for me, this means I can finally catch up on some work. The suit carrier I have with me (the whole reason for my journey) is safe and crease free.
As an independent business, customer service is crucial to our future. One of our customers recently informed us that he couldn't make it to the shop for a fitting before his wedding day. For us, bringing the suit, and the tailor, to him, was the only solution. That is why I am currently on this train to Leeds.
Now, this isn't standard practice but our customers are worth the effort. As this is a traditional morning suit, I am "tooled up" with chalk, pins, tape measures and my trusty pen and notepad. They have a few different nuances to most suit fittings so it's something I need to be on my "A" game for. I have 12 years of experience with menswear and tailoring now so there isn't much that phases me. Coffee, as always, sees me through most situations.
I am also scheduled to do a fitting in London for another member of this wedding party. I will fit this appointment around a visit to my friend Robert at Dugdale Fabrics. Dugdale has a beautiful showroom off Saville row so I'm not sure if it still counts as work. The most important point to these trips is that we will always do our best to accommodate our customers.
As a retail business owner, you have to put the customer at the centre of everything you do.
We are currently right in the middle of a busy wedding season. I am sure we will have a few last minute dashes around the county, and the country, still to come. For me, this is all part and parcel of why our customers keep coming back.